About Us

Blue Wave International is a full service IT solutions firm specializing in,

Blue wave International offers all kinds solutions of LCD display to commercial customers and customized products to wholesalers who sell digital products to meet the customized requirements

Our products

Blue wave  has seven main products including Digital Signage solutions, LCD CCTV Monitor / Video Wall and LCD  Interactive Whiteboard, LED Tickers, LED Video walls,LED message boards,LED Billboards. These visual solutions are designed for use in industrial, commercial, public service, marine, military, government, education, medical, healthcare, kiosks,Banking halls and digital signage solutions markets. We offer a high level of customization without requiring minimum quantities.

Digital Advertising: BESPOKE AD SPACE

Blue Ads: A digital advertising platform that taps into the middle-to-upper class bracket of clients in various high traffic locations across a very wide scope

Our system captures analytics per each individual site in real-time:
Allows for Ad scheduling to specific time/period
Log of the number & specific times each Ad ran
Traffic witnessed per site & interactions realized
The sites include: Malls, Airports, Railway Terminus, Private and Public Car Parks, National Parks

Our staff

Our staff have had Many years of experience in the fields of Software, and Enclosure Structure. All of our products come with a 1 year warranty and completely factory support.

Our Mission

To work with discerning facilities to provide high quality secure, infrastructure and quality signage experiences.

Our Goals

To be a strong, profitable company and a regional leader and international player in our selected areas of business What you need is what we make!