Our Services

Bluetooth Marketing

We provide our clients with entail product promotion and information disemination services through the use of bluetooth technology.

WI-FI Marketing

In this we do:

  • Walk into our WI-FI enabled zones.
  • Connect to our open WI-FI(no key).
  • User opens browser and is redirected to a video/advert.
  • Ads vary with type and location.

Web App Development

We provide solutions that keep your brand and/or service ‘ahead of the pack’, Allowing you to focus your attention on business growth as opposed to mundane time-consuming activities Our solutions are fully developed by locally by us, thus giving you the best possible custom solutions

Asset Tracking System

: Tracking of assets, e.g. vehicle fleets, mobile assets in the office etc. using a GPS-enabled Blue Wave software system

Document Management System

Our company has developed a document management system that is used to track and store electronic documents. It is usually also capable of keeping track of the different versions modified by different users (history tracking).


We are currently focused on innovation in the field of commercial displays in Digital Signage and Advertising solutions in Kenya, and throughout the region.We offer various solutions for LED and LCD displays to commercial customers, and customized products to wholesalers who sell digital products to meet custom requirements

Digital Advertising: BESPOKE AD SPACE

Blue Ads: A digital advertising platform that taps into the middle-to-upper class bracket of clients in various high traffic locations across a very wide scope

Digital Signage

Digital signage provides you with screen [LCD,Plasma] communication solutions that allow you to schedule and playback high resolution graphics including videos, images, tabulated information, among others.